How does The Maine Coffee Bar work?

When you walk into a bar, you wouldn't expect to find five beers all from the same brewery. You'd expect to be able to choose from many varieties of beer from many brewers, right? We think that the same should be said about coffee! Why not experience many different coffees from many different roasters, all in one place?

Our rustic, mobile coffee stand travels to festivals, fairs, and other special events serving coffee that we source exclusively from small batch Maine coffee roasters. At any given event, we may have upwards of five different coffees from five different roasters that we dispense from our wooden beverage tap wall. In an attempt to showcase the many coffee roasters in Maine, we customize and rotate the tap selection at each event. In the summer months we focus primarily on cold brew coffee, a more concentrated, caffeinated and smoother version of iced coffee. In the cooler weather, we also serve hot coffee to take the chill off.