Photograph: Pamela Logan ( )

Photograph: Pamela Logan (

         The Maine Coffee Bar began in early 2016 when long time friends and co-workers, Mykyla Hall and Lauren Beveridge, decided to take their mutual love of coffee, their endless creative ideas, and set out on their own venture! Having both worked in the coffee industry, Hall and Beveridge knew that customers were looking to support local roasters, but ultimately, just wanted a great cup of coffee. “When you come to Maine, you should be drinking coffee that has been freshly roasted in small batches from local Maine roasters,” says Hall, “because that’s where you’re going to get the real taste of Maine.” 

         Much like the beer tap set up you would see at a bar, The Maine Coffee Bar features a rotating tap list of many coffees from many different, small, Maine coffee roasters you may or may not have heard of. “It gives you a chance to try coffee from the little guy, which supports us, and in turn supports that local coffee roaster,” says Beveridge, “It’s very cyclical.”

         Their rustic wooden coffee tap wall with emerging beverage spigots and large tap handles featuring the names of each roaster, gives off a traditional, backwoods Maine vibe. In the summer months, The Maine Coffee Bar focuses on cold brew coffee, a more caffeinated, less acidic, cousin of iced coffee. A customer favorite is the Maine Maple Cold Brew, brewed using maple sap. 

         The Maine Coffee Bar is based in mid-coast Maine, but they travel year-round, all over the state to festivals, fairs, and farmers markets bringing the much-needed caffeine fix for all who need it. To stay up to date with their schedule and tap list, you can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.